A way from the College to the Corporate

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep”. This quote was always been made use of by Dr. Abdul Kalam in his speech. Dream always comes with few requirements which is usually time and effort towards it. How well are you prepared to chase your dreams would determine your success. Education is something wherein you should give the required knowledge, confidence, skill and behaviour that one can use as an input in chasing his dreams.

Today, most of the people prefer higher education and expect to find a suitable job especially, in the corporate world. While corporates exist due to the lucrative benefits that they offer, which would eventually increase the standard of living. However, even the corporates would follow the rule “Pay the best” which means, they would put the candidates under several layers of scrutiny (through interviews) before they select them. So, the responsibility of getting prepared is very important.

Different aspects of corporate expectations and how our college education

supports can be identified as in the below table. However, nothing would be impossible if one has the willingness to achieve what he/she desires. Off course you will face the obstacles when you initially enter to the corporate, as in the way the corporates operate would be completely different. Colleges would give you a holistic approach to a concept whereas, corporates operate diversifying their tasks and responsibilities. To quote an example, in college, we did Journal entry, related Ledger postings, from that arriving at Trail Balance and from Trial Balance we prepared Financial Statements. But in company it would be different. There would be different teams doing Billing, Payments, Application of receipts, Reconciliations and Journal Entries, Time and Expense reimbursements, Fixed Assets, Inter-company transactions, Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting and so on.

Corporate expectationCollege education providesOur Responsibility
Conceptual ClarityA basic understanding of various areas, concepts and the relevant advantages and problemsApplication of the concepts wherever necessary in our daily life scenarios. This would keep the concepts refreshed and teach us how to use them practically.
Skill SetThrough       various                    presentations, seminars, projects, Fests etc.Public Speaking, preparation of presentations, learning new skills like automations, excel, programming etc. which could help eventually but not immediately.
BehaviourTeaming, Patience, respecting others, acceptance of diverse cultureOpen minded, mingle with the crowd, respecting   others                     and                     accepting differences.

So, it all depends on ‘how well you in your area’ and ‘how well you know other areas’. If you are adaptable to new concepts, skills, technology and environment, your growth will be accelerated, and you can reach your goal faster. So, develop on what college gives you and add to it further and apply it towards your success

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