An Everlasting Impact, PPPS New Delhi

DHEERAJ SINGH     (Batch of 2018-19) B.Tech, (NSUT)

“School times end, but memories last forever.”

It is always an immense pleasure to look back and reflect on the milestones that have shaped you as a person and left an indelible impact on your life. Truly, school life is a golden period as it moulds an individual into a refined version of himself. My journey in school has been one of growth, challenges and learning opportunities. I joined Poorna Prajna Public School , New Delhi 11 years ago back in 2012. In my early years of schooling, I was shy and reserved. I struggled to make friends and often felt overwhelmed by the fast-paced environment of the classroom. However, with the help of my teachers and supportive family, I gradually gained confidence and found my footing in the academic world. As it is aptly said,  “Memories, all those little experiences make up the fabric of our live”. I also learned valuable life lessons about teamwork, leadership and perseverance that have served me well in all aspects of my life.

(School Excursions – A Memorable Experience)

I have great memories of being the Head boy of the school, performing experiments on titration in Chemistry lab, being the protagonist of the role plays, walking in lock -step during March Past, experimenting with sound and light in the Physics lab and so much more. The homely atmosphere  created by the teachers and staff not only made learning easy and enjoyable but also made it possible for students from different backgrounds to mingle and become friends. The kind of relationship developed amongst all of us is surreal and I am grateful for this to my extended family that is family at PPPS. The best part of my schooling was the time in classes X and XII. Several factors made our batch so special and successful. Firstly, the diversity of personalities within the batch allowed for a wide range of perspectives and ideas to be shared and discussed. This helped us to develop our critical thinking skills and broaden our understanding of the world. Additionally, the teachers were very supportive and encouraged us to think out of box , rather than to just memorize information for exams. It was in true sense made me experience “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Looking back on all these fruitful experiences, I realize that the lessons I learned during that time have stayed with me and continue to shape the way I approach challenges and interact with others. I have learned the importance of diversity, collaboration and mutual support in achieving success and building strong relationships. I try to apply these lessons in my personal and professional life and I am grateful for the positive impact that my school experience has had on me. Lastly, I would like to add that in real terms a school’s success is not only known by its present students but also by its alumni. As I speak for every alumnus when I say that the school can be rightly proud that the seeds of paramount values that PPPS sowed years ago, have blossomed into trees that bear the fruits of its glory. It has been an honour to be the  part of such glorious institute whose memories will remain etched in my mind forever.

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