My school…. my ALMA MATER…

Your school days are the golden days of your life…” Time and time again, when we were children, we were told this with utmost sincerity, and we thought, “Yeah, right!” But it is when we leave school, and look through the gates from the other side, that we realize the truth in these cliched words.

When I was asked to write about my experiences and memories in my school, I was baffled as to where I would even begin. I started to think deeply about my memories spent in school, making friends for life, picking up new hobbies and sports, and learning new and interesting facts.

My time began way back in 1990, with my class teacher Ms. Leelvathi welcoming me into her classroom, whose stern looks yet compassionate approach helped us in more than one way.

As a kid, I never enjoyed waking up and getting ready for school. Every day, I would wake up after a great deal of painstaking efforts from my mother, who made sure I got to school every day, each day of the week, each day of the year. Once I got ready, though, I was so eager to go to school, play, learn, and meet all my friends. My school days are still so green in my memories; they were so fantastic and so lovable.

While I was in school, I had a school diary which we all used to jot down our homework. At the end of it, we had a timetable, and everything used to go according to it. I used to pack my backpack according to our timetable, and everything was on the dot. I wish this would have continued even after school. Being a school student brought discipline into life by default.

My teachers helped immensely in everyone’s transition from ‘playschool’ into ‘big school’. This set the tone for ten busy, hugely enjoyable, and exceptional years. My experiences while I attended this school made sure that they were just that, simply unforgettable.

Our school played an important part in the holistic development of our personality. I jumped at the opportunity to take part in the school plays and extracurricular activities. I had the privilege of being on the school Quiz Team, learning lines of songs, making costumes and dress rehearsals, and school day preparations in the months of November and December, which I cherish even to this day.

Well, it wasn’t all play and no work! Academics were a huge part, and we were always kept in focus with timely monthly tests and mid-terms, which used to occur as if it were per contract. I was given a solid foundation for secondary school. Udayshankar sir during my class 7 did really influence me a great deal and had a huge impact on my life. His ever-inspiring classes really made me appreciate the fascination I had with science. Also, Ms. Mythili made us learn math in a way like no one else had done before.

After I moved to high school, it was so enthralling for the initial few days just for the simple reason that I got to wear full pants and ride a bicycle to school! The high school was indeed the real high of my life; an awesome class, a splendid atmosphere, and some fantastic teachers who taught us much more than I can put into words.

Playing football was the only priority, and we never seemed to let go of it! The really cool and always awaited fun math classes by Narayan Murthy sir and his knack of making us learn without any fuss were so mesmerizing. The Debating was one of Mrs. Hema Ramaswamy’s forte; she introduced us all to public speaking with the familiar topic “THE CORRUPTION IN OUR COUNTRY.” No one else could ever make my biology classes as interesting as our dearest Keerthi mam. The ever-soothing Kannada classes of our beloved Shashikala mam, whose grace and love for Kannada as transcended most of us. Friday SPW classes where all the boys took up ‘garden club’ only to play, the Sanskrit classes, the ever-boring mass PT sessions, never-ending guy talks, the most awaited yearly excursions, and so much more.

All those great teachers whose names I might not mention, but whose influence is etched in my life, I owe it all to them.

Looking back, I realize that school was not just a place where we went to study and learn new things, but it was a place where we discovered ourselves. The teachers, the staff, and the friends I made in school, all have a special place in my heart, and I owe them so much for making me who I am today.

In conclusion, school life is an unforgettable chapter of our lives, and we must cherish and appreciate it. I believe that school is not just about grades and exams; it’s about the lessons we learn, the memories we make, and the people we meet. I will always be grateful for my school days, and I hope that everyone can look back at their school life with fondness and gratitude.

Dr. Ashraya Nayaka.T.E 



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