Today everybody all over the world, particularly the advanced countries, are talking about Global Warming, CO2 Emission etc., which is creating an imbalance in the environment, resulting in Natural Disasters.

However, our revered Late. H.H. Sri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji has been advocating the necessity of Environment Protection and also Practicing it since a long time. I recollect that at the time of the Opening Ceremony of our High School building, he invited the officers of the Forest Department and arranged plantation of Trees by Shri Veerappa Moily and others. You can see these trees have now grown all around the periphery of the school. Thus, in all the Institutions established by Swamiji, he has given utmost importance to the Environment proving a serene atmosphere.

He has been advocating the necessity of preserving the environment, for the benefit of mankind. He was one of the few dignitaries, invited by Prince Philips, the Duke of Edinburgh, Chairman World Wild Castle, U.K. from 29th April to 3rd May 1995. Our Swamiji presented a paper “Hindu Religion and Conservation” at the conference and the following is the extract of the paper.
Dharma is that which helps to preserve ecology and that which disturbs it is Adharma.

Use not anything belonging to nature which you cannot replenish. Thus only life cycle can go on for a long time.

Conserve Energy or perish is the message of Bhagavad Gita.

Life without contributing towards preservation of ecology is a life of sin.

When we use chemical manure, the top soil loses its fertility. This generation has no right to use all the fertility of the soil and leave behind unproductive land for the future generation.

The man is the one who can see God, in all objects as the controller and sustainer of ecological balance. All other animals play their roles without knowing what they are doing, but man does everything consciously.

The man destroys plants and forests, he becomes an agent for increasing deadly carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.

Man can strive to know the secrets of nature, as much as possible, but should not be allowed to use this knowledge to harm our mother earth.

Our Swamiji stressed the importance of nature and suggested ways to decrease the Carbon emission and Global Warming and recommended the following 10-point program at the August Assembly.

  1. The awareness of dangers, the humanity would be subjected to because of the ecological imbalance, shall be created in all nations through all places of worship viz. Temples, Churches, Mosques etc.
  2. In all schools and colleges of all countries, lectures, debates, essay competition shall be arranged on the disastrous effect of disturbing the ecology.
  3. Through the U.N.O. For the next nine years to come, a simultaneous prayer on this day for the preservation of ecology for ten minutes shall be arranged in all countries of the world.
  4. A special cell shall be created in UNO to look after the task of preservation of ecology.
  5. All governments are to be approached to persuade their farmers to use more organic manure in
  6. To achieve the above objectives all Governments may be requested to encourage their people to increase the number of cattle and look after them well.
  7. Grazing grounds shall be maintained in all villages of all countries. These are not to be used for any other purpose. An yearly report on these aspects shall be submitted to the Special Cell of UNO by all Governments.
  8. Governments are to be requested to invest more of their wealth in the research on non-conventional energy sources.
  9. Masses in all countries are to be provided with non-pollutant means of daily life.
  10. All kinds of engines used by man shall run on solar, wind &, water energy supplied by nature and not by using oil or nuclear energy.

He even advocated during the Conference establishment of NOBLE Prize like award to a country which contributes maximum for the preservation ecological balance according to the decision of the special cost of the United Nations Organization in every year.

Compiled by
Sri S S Hubli
Hon In- charge 2000-2017

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