Sweet Memories of PPC Udupi

Srinidhi AP, BSc (2008 Batch), AM & TL Accenture

I am proud to say that I was a student of Poornaprajna college, Udupi.
It would be impossible to express my thanks and gratitude to this great institution in a few words. PPC is a synonym for discipline. I miss the days I spent in this great institution. Friendly teachers, excellent culture on campus, lovely friends, one of the best libraries and what not.

I remember the sweet scolding from Raghu sir, ever smiling AP Bhat sir, the physics lab where we used to struggle but enjoy doing experiments, English lectures from Krishnamurthy sir, dear Ramesh sir who always guided us  on the right path, friendly Anand sir, Rajmohan sir randomly stopping students and enquiring about the class and their problems. What a great team of teachers we had! My sincere thanks and pranamas to all the great teachers.

I remember participating in a university level chess competition, the fest we conducted in the final year, the Sanskrit fest we attended in Mangalore, the cultural programs during lunch breaks, anniversary events and many more.  Oh what  a joyful environment we had! Thanks for providing me with these opportunities.

Thank you PPC for all the wonderful memories and shaping and guiding me to become who I am today.

I would also like to  thank Sri Krishna mutt and all the swamijis for their blessings.

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